3 Things You’ll Miss With SurveyMonkey’s New App

by Martha Brooke on March 7, 2014

Last month, SurveyMonkey launched their iOS mobile app, backed by Google Capital. CEO Dave Goldberg promises a “smarter, agile, and ultimately more productive workforce.” This app strengthens customer feedback programs by allowing faster responses to customer situations. However, it reinforces the idea that customer feedback is just about watching the numbers. Certainly, numbers are important, […]

Are Employees Rigging Your Customer Feedback?

by Martha Brooke on February 26, 2014

When your employees administer your customer feedback surveys, you may save money, but you sacrifice accuracy. Ask employees what they want from a customer feedback survey, and all too often you’ll hear, “The top score!” When it comes to their conduct, that’s great, but when it comes to you getting accurate survey data, it’s a […]

Unstructured Data is a Gold Mine. How Good is Your Mining Strategy?

by Martha Brooke on January 24, 2014

“Unstructured data,” i.e., data that cannot be captured via yes/no categories or multiple-choice formats, is all the rage with customer experience improvement experts. Customer comments, chats with customer service, phone conversations—these are all great examples of unstructured data. What makes unstructured data so incredibly valuable is that it’s a window into customers’ thoughts. Whereas structured […]

Current State of Customer Service: 54%

by Martha Brooke on January 21, 2014

Since 2011, Interaction Metrics has tracked the quality of customer service and published the cumulative Quality of Customer Interaction (QCI™) Benchmark Score. As of Dec. 31, 2013, the score is 54 out of 100. Read about our methodology below. As we’ve pointed out in prior posts, other indices suggest that customer service needs improvement. For […]

Branded Customer Service: Reinforce your brand’s values through customer service.

by Martha Brooke on January 13, 2014

Does your customer service reinforce or weaken your brand? Our experience and research indicates that unless you’re taking explicit steps to brand customer service, your company’s core values won’t be represented by your frontline staff. Certainly, ads can be engaging and commercials are sometimes entertaining. But once a customer walks into your store or phones […]

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Customer Experience Before Lunch

by Martha Brooke on December 12, 2013

We’ve written about it before; customer service gets a failing grade by our Quality of Customer Interaction (QCI™) Score. Other customer satisfaction metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) echo the same dismal fact: customers are dissatisfied with companies. There are countless reasons why the customer experience isn’t up to […]

Customer Service Still Gets a Failing Grade

by Martha Brooke on September 25, 2013

Since 2011, Interaction Metrics has been benchmarking the national quality of customer service. We call this our Quality of Customer Interaction (QCI™) Score. As of September, 2013, the score is 54 out of 100; in other words, customer service gets a failing grade. Read about our methodology here. As we’ve mentioned before, other indices point […]

NYC | Customer Service Experience Conference

by Martha Brooke on August 19, 2013

Tomorrow (Aug. 20th) I’ll be speaking at the Customer Service Experience Conference in NYC. Keith Dawson from Ovum and I will be discussing how to get high-insight, accurate feedback from customers. We’ll talk about customer satisfaction surveys, customer interviews, and a few other techniques. Attend and start improving the customer experience now! In the meantime, learn […]