Stand Out! Brand Your Customer Service.

by Martha Brooke on January 9, 2015

Sometimes customer service reps do everything “right” but miss the point of your brand entirely. You work hard to define your brand, but if you ignore the capabilities of customer service to communicate your company’s values, you miss a crucial opportunity to show customers that your brand is not just a logo, it’s a set […]

Need a Call Center? Ask these 4 Questions

by Martha Brooke on March 4, 2014

If your company is going to outsource its call center, make sure you find one that really knows how to evaluate customer service. To figure out just how buttoned-up they are, we advocate asking these four questions: 1. How do you arrive at criteria to evaluate customer service? First and foremost, when you look at […]

Current State of Customer Service: 54%

by Martha Brooke on January 21, 2014

Since 2011, Interaction Metrics has tracked the quality of customer service and published the cumulative Quality of Customer Interaction (QCI™) Benchmark Score. As of Dec. 31, 2013, the score is 54 out of 100. Read about our methodology below. As we’ve pointed out in prior posts, other indices suggest that customer service needs improvement. For […]

Branded Customer Service: Reinforce your brand’s values through customer service.

by Martha Brooke on January 13, 2014

Does your customer service reinforce or weaken your brand? Our experience and research indicates that unless you’re taking explicit steps to brand customer service, your company’s core values won’t be represented by your frontline staff. Certainly, ads can be engaging and commercials are sometimes entertaining. But once a customer walks into your store or phones […]

Branded Customer Service: Don’t lose the customers you already have

by Piper Smith on November 27, 2012

When you think about branding you may think about logos, billboards and ads—mostly directed at enticing new customers. But customer acquisition is expensive, and while you are busy attracting new consumers, your current customers could be slipping out the back door. So how do you shift your focus to customer retention? You could try the […]

Branding Customer Touchpoints: Why Most Companies Aren’t Cutting it

by Martha Brooke on September 21, 2011

With the dramatic success of startups like Dropbox, Groupon and Twitter, many people are wondering, what’s their secret? Forrester’s Kerry Bodine took note of one innovative approach shared by all three companies: these newer companies seek to actively brand and engage customer feelings at even minor customer touchpoints such as the confirmation email, bill, etc. […]

Customer Service: It Takes More

by Kelsey Zorn on August 1, 2011

HubSpot’s 10 Commandments of Customer Service covers some of the standards of good customer service, and that’s OK. But it’s not interaction thinking. If you have higher standards, if your goal is for customer service to function as a corporate asset, you need a lot more than that. The best customer service has: 1- Personalization. Take listening and paying […]